Hosted Voice/VOIP can substantially reduce your business costs. This is a cloud based service that is customized to your companies needs. This can include a company from just a few to hundreds of extensions. These services can even replace call center operations by centralizing this service making it easier to manage agents world-wide. With a hosted service, the company only needs Phones on the desks of their employees. The cloud hosed PBX will be configured to ring the desks phones like the PBX was local to the company. This will avoid the need for a PBX at each site for multi-site businesses. Without the need for a PBX at each site and no need for IT support, your costs and maintainance significantly can be reduced.

You can get the process started by filling out the form to the right and MazeCreator Broadband will help you through the process. Select the option that is closest to your current need, in the later steps you can enter comments to give more detail of your overall holistic business desire. Once we get the information, we will start to work for you to find the best solution. We have engineering specialists to help you understand and engineer a solution for your business.

Let us help you find a better and more cost effective solution.


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