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Broadband Internet needs to be planned 90 - 120 days before it is needed. We are a Startup Resource and will help plan your startup!

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We have automated quoting systems, a pool of over 260+ large IT products/services suppliers at wholesale prices, as well as access to experts in almost every aspect of IT services, and we are supplier agnostic, that is, we don't represent a supplier but work on your behalf. Take advantage of this service and you will have the option (that best fits your need):

  • MazeCreator Broadband will talk with your company representative(s) to get an idea of the IT services required, we will then go off and obtain multiple quotes and options to present our recommendation back to your company
  • If you have an IT staff representative, MazeCreator Broadband will gladly work with them as we search for solutions for your company, they will be invited to meeting with suppliers to ask questions and help form the solution for your company
  • Your company knows exactly what they would like for IT services, MazeCreator Broadband will research and obtain multiple quotes/service options at the best prices for your final selection

Starting a business is a monumental task. There are hundreds if not thousands of things to focus upon to get your business off the ground. Some of those tasks might include fund raising, hiring employees, marketing, product development, as well as opening the company's Office.

To open the office, you will likely want IT services. The most obvious one is internet access for your employees. There might be 5 to 10 broadband suppliers in your area you can contact to get quotes for service to your office as well as satellite locations. This will require someone talking to these suppliers, repeating the same information to each one and answering follow-up questions for each office and satellite location. This would take 20 to 40 hours of effort to get quotes from these broadband internet vendors.

Next, the company may wish to have a unified communication system or simply a basic phone system for the office. This will required additional quotes and searching for suppliers in your area. Each employee and/or location (kitchen, breakroom, etc) would need to be described to the vendors to get a quote. The list goes on for other services such as; Company Email, Cloud Services, IT management, User Management, Computer provisioning, contact center, IoT devices (Cellphone, tablets, Air Cards, etc), Managed Services, Mobility, Firewall/Security, COLO, Voice, Video conferencing as well as any other special services required for your business to function.

Chasing down quotes for all these services and making sure they are available in time for your business can take 100's of hours of your time. This time is best served if you can focus on your business not on IT infrastructure or services. MazeCreator Broadband can take on this activity for your business. We are an independent master agent in the IT field with 210+ suppliers with 1,000's of products and services available to us and be able to offer you at wholesale prices. We can take on the role of setting up your IT needs and saving you money at that same time. Our automated systems help speed up the process and find you the best solutions in Montana.

Our goal is to solve your IT problems while working for you as Efficiency in IT Procurement. We will bring recommendations and quotes to you for review and approval. We try to find multiple solutions to help show price variation and service options. The final chose is yours, we will be there to guide you and through our network, get access to subject matter experts if the need arises. Upon your selections, we will prepare any contracts needed and expect that you will be very happy with our services.

We will find you a better and more cost effective solution. Contact us by filling out the form to the right, email or by calling today.

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